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Reimagining High School

Reimagining High School

We envision high school to be your next great adventure in life! This transformative four-year experience will provide a deep dive into who you are, what excites you, and how you want to share your passions with the rest of the world. At Greenfields, we believe high school isn’t just about preparing you for college—it’s about providing a profound initiation into adulthood as well. By the time you graduate, you’ll feel ready to face any challenge with a passion-driven work ethic and relational skills that are sure to make life your greatest adventure yet. 


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As a Voyager at Greenfields, you earn badges that can be assembled into a traditional high school transcript for college admissions—but more importantly, you are co-creating an experience that builds on your strengths and prepares you to thrive in whatever comes next. You’ll explore questions like: 

  • Who am I? 
    What are my gifts, skills, passions, and next steps? What drives me? How do I best learn? How will I nurture a healthy lifestyle? 

  • Where is my place?
    Do I have a deep understanding of the world? Given my lessons on history, economics, politics, and geography: Where will I live? How do I fit in and stand out?

  • What is my calling?
    What will be my next adventure in life after I graduate? How will I use my gifts and passions to create change in the world?

  • Who will I serve as a leader?

Do I have the skillset and tools I need to become an effective leader, form healthy relationships, and negotiate and solve disputes? 

Concentrations (Years 1-3):

We prefer custom learning playlists over curricula here, giving our learners the freedom to curate a high school experience that caters to their interests. We organize these potential learning paths by concentration: Science and Technology, Human Systems, and Visual Communications.

We believe that real-world experience and meaningful, hands-on work in these areas of focus will help prepare our Voyagers for a thriving life outside of Greenfields Academy. 

During the first three years in the Voyagers program, our learners work diligently on their concentration requirements and gain real-world experience through projects and apprenticeships. By getting rid of wasted, unproductive time often found in standardized traditional learning models, Voyagers are able to complete their academic requirements in three years and use their “senior year” to gear up for their next great adventure.


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  • Build foundational investigation skills

  • Think through logic systems

  • Perform exploratory experiments

  • Learn valuable computing skills

  • Engage in design thinking

  • Explore ethics in the sciences


  • Explore human psychology and physiology

  • Delve into philosophy and world-conscious thinking

  • Investigate systems of government

  • Learn different languages

  • Master management theory

  • Build and maintain a collaborative community inside and outside of the classroom

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  • Tell stories using art, design, and language 

  • Critically analyze information and view the world through a creative lens

  • Practice providing and receiving critique on creative work

  • Learn different languages

  • Develop the financial literacy skills necessary to support a career in the arts

The Great Adventure (Year 4):

At Greenfields, we believe life is a journey and each person can be the protagonist of the story.  The first three years of the Voyager program has young people laying the groundwork for an amazing capstone year. One that will be informed by their strengths, talents and interests. One that will propel them into their Next Great Adventure. They will spend time away from the school getting real world experience and developing the skills and mindset that will have them prepared for whatever their journey is. 

What does that entail? They'll  explore their end goal. They'll focus on questions like: Who are you and what do you want? Happiness? Success? Fulfillment? Are they the same thing? 


They'll get out in the world to explore their options through guided research, networking, and in-field challenges to get them outside their comfort zone. They'll experience what their Next Great Adventure can and should be. In the end, we'll help them craft a plan that is both ambitious and flexible. 

Once they complete the Voyager program, they'll have a full portfolio of experiences to share with colleges and employers including:

  • Projects and businesses they ran

  • Apprenticeships they obtained and completed

  • The amazing mentors who helped them along the way

  • College level courses they completed

  • The differences they made


​There is nothing as powerful as seeing someone who has taken control of their journey and accomplished so much at such a young age. We believe deeply in the power of people and this program's results show just how much young people can do. 

Daily Routine:

A day in our studios consists of large blocks of time for work and play with clear yet flexible guard rails in place to help Voyagers manage their time, set goals, and track their progress.

Mornings are reserved for core skills, while afternoons are for hands-on projects with integrated time to reflect, think deeply, and connect with peers. Within each work block, Voyagers choose from a broad range of work options based on their personal goals, passions, and commitments.

8:00 am 

8:30 am

8:50 am 



11:15 am

12:00 pm

12:45 pm

2:40 pm

3:00 pm 

3:13 pm 

  • Arrival and Free Time

  • Opening Circle

  • Core Skills:
    Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Civilizations

  • Outside Time

  • Lunch

  • Project Time

  • Studio Maintenance

  • Closing Circle

  • Dismissal

(After-School Programs Available)

Badges (a.k.a. Portfolio):

Voyager Badges.jpg

As part of celebrating the learning that occurs at Greenfields Academy, work will be collected in the following badges, which can then be presented in the form of a traditional high school transcript and/or displayed in a digital portfolio.

  • Quest Badges celebrate the completion of a 5-7 week challenge, connected by a narrative and culminating into a public exhibition of the completed work. These quests are designed to deliver 21st-century skills in science, business, and other real-world subjects.

  • Math Badges from Khan Academy in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus are the backbone of our learners’ mathematical knowledge. 

  • Civilizations Badges equip Voyagers with tools, ethical thinking, and lessons learned from studying and discussing the lives of heroes, history, geography, economics, and philosophy while exposing them to the collective memory of the human race. 

  • Deep Book Badges show that Voyagers have devoured and reflected upon a world-conscious or life-changing book that will equip and inspire them on their Hero’s Journey.

  • Genre Badges celebrate a significant achievement in writing, videography, or another form of communication, including continuous improvement through multiple drafts and associated critiques. 

  • Physical Development Badges honor good sportsmanship, exercise, and a conscious effort toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Community Badges signify leadership development and volunteerism by becoming an independent learner, project leader, campus leader, and valuable member of the community at large. 

  • Apprenticeship Badges reward completion of real-world apprenticeships that help Voyagers discover their next stepping-stone adventure as they prepare for their calling in life. 

  • Elective Badges encourage Voyagers to customize their high school experience by achieving and demonstrating skills that are closely related to their personal goal and interests, such as: foreign language, computer science, visual art, or anything else they may be curious about. 


Greenfields firmly believes that exhibitions, real-world skills, and letters of recommendation from apprenticeships should be encouraged and celebrated—but we also recognize the value in documenting high levels of academic achievement as Voyagers prepare to apply for college. 

Here is a table explaining how we build our high school transcripts so that Voyagers, along with their parents, can customize a badge plan that matches their long-term goals.

Voyager Transcript.jpg

1 Illinois State Board of Education - State Graduation Requirements
2 Illinois State University - Freshman Admission Requirements
3 University of Chicago - Suggested high school courses for admission to top colleges


A Better Way

At Greenfields, we help young people stay curious, challenge themself, and strive to make a difference. 

We want them to fall in love with learning and get started on the right foot. In our eyes, conventional schooling is no longer that “right foot” or relevant (if it ever was) to the world our children will inherit. 

Are you willing to walk away from the traditional path and embrace a better way? Do you want your child to have an education that caters to their needs and prepares them for the real world? Do you want to see them thrive instead of survive? 

Set up an appointment to speak with us and decide if you’re ready to embrace your Hero’s Journey