Middle School

Middle School

Extraordinary people. Each focusing on a passion, learning at his or her own pace. Working hard. Playing hard. Mastering core skills while learning 21st century skills through real world projects. Welcome to our “Explorer” studio!

Core Skills
As self-directed learners, Explorers customize their reading, writing and math goals based on their skills and interests. They gather in teams to hold Socratic discussions about civilizations and ethical dilemmas. Our badge system allows students to collect, communicate and celebrate their hard work, growth and achievement.

Explorers hone their leadership skills by guiding elementary book clubs, coaching younger students on goal-setting, meditating peer disputes, managing studio maintenance teams, and facilitating Socratic discussions. As part of our ongoing school improvement process, they lead committees, determine policies and continually improve daily life at Greenfields.

Explorers utilize their core skills in practical ways through a series of quests. Through these project-based learning experiences, students explore science, social studies, business, and arts. Our quests are designed so students not only dive deep into the subject matter, but practice using the cognitive processes that underlie learning and will allow them to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Public exhibitions at the end of each quest provide an opportunity to showcase learning.

Friday Discovery Day workshops give students time to explore their curiosities and be exposed to new ideas and experiences. Students can choose to work on an independent project, participate in club meetings, travel on a field trip, or attend their choice of workshops led by Guides, students, or parents. Explorers dig further into self-discovery by securing multiple apprenticeships to learn more about potential careers.