A Greenfields education offers a fundamentally different value proposition than traditional schooling. Our students aren’t asked to sit down and passively take in what a teacher wants them to hear. They are challenged to be the hero in their own story. They take control of their education and start their journey to make the world a better place.

Core Skills
The Greenfields model supports self-directed learning. Children make choices about their learning goals and can progress as fast as they are able, and with as much time to master skills as they need. Kindergarten students alternate between guided and independent learning centers where they master early reading, writing and math skills. As they grow and mature, elementary students gain the freedom to create their own learning plans and work more independently. Our badge system allows students to collect, communicate and celebrate their hard work, growth and achievement.

Personal Growth
We believe deeply in the educational and social benefits of combining students of different ages and abilities into shared classrooms. This creates a myriad of opportunities to focus on social-emotional growth. Our elementary students create their own set of studio rules and are expected to hold each other accountable to them. Kindergarten students intentionally practice skills such as kindness and teamwork, while older elementary students become certified as reading buddies, peer mediators, and meditation leaders. Through these experiences, they become confident and productive community members.

Project-Based Learning
Students utilize their core skills in practical ways through interdisciplinary projects which offer students engaging, real-world experiences. Themes include science, social studies, business, and arts. Our project-based learning curriculum is designed so students not only dive deep into the subject matter, but practice using the cognitive processes that underlie learning and will allow them to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Friday Discovery Day workshops give students time to explore their curiosities and be exposed to new ideas and experiences. Students can choose to work on an independent project, participate in club meetings, travel on a field trip, or attend their choice of workshops led by Guides, students, or parents. Exploration topics range from art to cooking to music to chess to science to yoga and beyond. Students can work on several different things in a day or stick with the same thing for weeks depending on where they are on their journey to find their calling.