Press Releases

Press Releases

Greenfields Academy Announces Move to Avondale

Greenfields Academy, Chicago’s Most Innovative School, has a unique and revolutionary approach that is reinventing education. To support its continued growth, the private school is moving to a new location in the Avondale neighborhood …

Greenfields Academy Hosts Speaker Blake Boles

Greenfields Academy is proud to host Blake Boles for a presentation on “The Art of Self-Directed Learning…At Any Age!” Blake is a pioneer in alternative education that believes that traditional schooling doesn’t always equal education…

Greenfields Academy Hires Loretta Medeiros

Loretta has dedicated her career to helping others express themselves through the arts. She is by far not your average “teacher.” In the classroom, she believes in thinking outside of the box and looking at experiences from all angles. Having spent time leading a classroom, performing on stage, and engineering in the recording studio, she is most excited about helping young learners see where they fit into the world…

Greenfields Academy Hosts Children’s Shopping and Business Fair

Greenfields Academy is hosting its first Children’s Shopping and Business Fair on Thursday, November 20 from 6-7:30 p.m.