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Learning is a non-conventional practice with Greenfields Parent, Chris G

We don’t hear it too often at Greenfields, but kids love to ask: “Why are we doing this?” “When will I need to use this in the real world?” At its core, this question is about much more than being bored or impatient with the subject at hand. It shows that kids care about the larger purpose behind their education. So what is that, exactly?

Chris Grenier’s experience with public school education is like so many others we have heard from other podcast guests. This Greenfields parent has a few standout memories such as dissecting worms and working at the school store to study marketing in high school. But his days spent in the classroom have all but blurred together.

In his interview, Chris talks about this common stumble through conventional education and how it led him to a college experience that was much different from what he expected. Chris did eventually find his niche in accounting, but it wasn’t his education that got him there: instead, he credits the applied knowledge that came from his work experiences.

Chris sees this process mirrored in the projects his daughter Amelia has worked on at Greenfields. He reminisces about some of them and points out what skills she has already demonstrated that many people don’t learn until adulthood.

Perhaps there isn’t a single purpose that can explain why educational excellence is important. But throughout this conversation, Chris and Rob highlight several examples that show how sticking to the “Education is Life'' principle creates better outcomes far beyond traditional ideas of academic success.

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