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Education Is Life [EP15] Analyzing the Psychology of Stress & Anxiety in Young Adults with Andrea

Psychologist Andrea always knew she was destined to be a helper. Throughout her time as a liberal arts college psychologist, she quickly realized that when struggling children were helped TOO much, problems arose.

From the start of her 11 years working with college students (2004-2015), an increasing number of them came to her with mental issues such as anxiety and depression. She focused on supporting them in ways that helped them understand life in their own control, but couldn’t help but notice the parents with good intentions who overprotected their children disabled them from developing the resilience needed to navigate life.

In this episode, Andrea breaks down ways to navigate practices and techniques on how to feel feelings. How can we thrive and overcome the normal suffering in life that is inevitable?

Using the R.A.I.N. acronym, Andrea helps us break down this particular skill to manage our nervous system in a way to move past challenges & allow new things in life to emerge so we can live in the moment. Making the space and holding it is what we want to “be” especially while learning in education.

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