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Education Is Life [EP12] with Guest Mona Yaeger on Racism & Education

You may not be hearing too much from an education standpoint around racism. Schools across the country may not have the ability to have a powerful discussion with different perspectives from various individuals to talk about how we can do better for our children in schools - not for Greenfields Academy!

With monumental, world-changing events taking place after George Floyd’s death earlier this month with protests around anti-racism, our focus as a school & community of change-makers gladly welcome this discussion.

In this episode, Mona Yaeger, Talent Acquisition Professional shares a discussion with host Rob Huge around Education, Life, and Racism.

Mona shares her perspective about growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood outside of Omaha, Nebraska, and how her black peers had treated her much differently than her white classmates as a young child pursuing a better life & furthering her education.

Later in the episode, Mona and Rob discuss what the role of a school has when it comes to racism and what is taught from teachers and the education system.

Living in a world that looks, sounds, and acts differently than you may be familiar with is something that Mona encourages our young people to understand through school, volunteering, and just getting out of your comfort zone to explore in order to elevate the connections in education and life.

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