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Education Is Life [EP11] with Greenfields Academy Student Michael

When we think about our young people, how much do they really understand about the world around them? What do they learn in school & what is it that they get to explore beyond their own parent’s biases while at home?

Is this something taught in school that allows them to go deeper beyond curriculum & standardization?

We are very interested in allowing our young people to start to develop the skills and knowledge around finding out more about themselves, their interests and passions, and guide them to learn on their own exactly HOW to find what they are looking for.

In this episode, we dive into current events with a passionate student on the topic, Michael. While at his time at Greenfields Academy, Michael was able to explore more around the areas of interest that he felt was most important and direct the projects he was working on to further learn about what topics he was most interested in: Black History & Policy Brutality.

For a 12-year-old to understand so much about the world around him, see the current events in action and know what is going on, and further his own impact on the movement by designing future projects, such as a documentary, Michael is able to become the leader and change-maker he wants to be as an adult, today, now, as a child.

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