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Education Is Life [EP07] with Parent Guest Scott Leonard on Homeschooling vs. School at Home

Homeschooling is much different than the Greenfields Academy "school at home" approach. Take it from one of our very own parents, Scott Leonard, who is witnessing AMAZING! things happening in his own living room as he watches his 9-year old daughter thrive.

Amidst the global pandemic of COVID 19, Rob & Scott discuss what they are seeing some AMAZING! things happen in their own living rooms. The learning, growing, & mastery happening during school at home & how Greenfields Griffins are THRIVING with the model of project-based learning. In this episode, we take a deep dive into what a parent's perspective is for a Greenfields Academy parent, specifically, what it is that the ultimate priorities, goals, and values are when defining the role of education. We also uncover some differences in the traditional idea of homeschooling vs. the Greenfields Academy approach. Scott Leonard Attorney at Law & parent of 9-year-old Greenfields Academy Griffin shares with us his perspective on being raised homeschooled, & what he is doing now to make the most out of the COVID 19 pandemic situation of "school at home." Scott's question to what is the role of education emphasizes all that makes us good people, not just good students.

For more information about Scott Leonard, please visit & to sign up for an upcoming Info Session at Greenfields Academy, please visit our events page. Thanks for listening! Be sure to rate this episode!

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