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Education Is Life [EP06] with Guest Guy P. Bell Asking "Who Are You?!"

When looking at who we are and what we are building, what is it the most important question or model we should be following?

Powerful Executives are Created by Asking Powerful Questions - a conversation with a friend of Greenfields Academy, Guy Pierce Bell.

In this episode, Rob & Guy Pierce Bell share a powerful discussion around education as it relates to the workforce - particularly what it means to be a leader. “The Future of Work is the Future of Education,” says Guy who coaches executives to meet their business goals & has worked for decades as an executive himself.

Much like the movement at Greenfields Academy, Guy offers to his clients a new perspective that challenges traditional leadership models from the way we’ve always done it.

Guy is a father to his daughter, the author of Unlearning Leadership, a book about unleashing your potential to transform your business, and an executive speaker, coach, and strategic partner for businesses.

For more information about Guy P. Bell, visit his website:

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