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Education Is Life [EP04] K-12 Private Education: Building a Stronger Foundation

If we got our way - to make this new evolved type of learning the normal model of learning for public school systems for all, what does it look like exactly?

We can point out everything that we’d change, but we still have to have a solution to support us in what we are trying to do and make it happen.

Let’s start with accessibility: How can we create a tuition model that is affordable and available to the public while accomplishing what it needs to for our young people in terms of preparing our kids for the future?!

In this episode, our question is about creating the system that is going to be the foundational K-12 education to build up our young people, stronger!

We explore the difference between public vs. privately funded education in our country & historically, how this has created a separation of educational opportunities in our society.

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