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Education Is Life [EP03] Parents: The Journey of Education is not just for the Students

Greenfields Academy is revolutionizing education - creating the focus away from what’s broken in the K-12 model and creating what we believe is a better way to “do school.”

Creating a deeper learning experience, tap into the moral compass on what is important to the child, and get their learning to a “mastery” level for the subject matters they really love. No Homework. No Tests. No Teachers. No Standardized learning is what this school is all about.

In this episode, we talk about the journey of the parents at a school like ours. We address the "freedom shock" of first stepping into this type of learning for both parents and the children and how we navigate the beginning steps of learning with Greenfields Academy.

We compare the expectations we traditionally put on our children with the reality of the way the world is today: can this be a sustainable way for them to believe life is one way, but in fact, as they get older, its an entirely different reality?

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