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Education Is Life [EP02]- What's it like in the WILD?!

Greenfields Academy is revolutionizing education - creating the focus away from what’s broken in the K-12 model and creating what we believe is a better way to “do school.”

Creating a deeper learning experience, tap into the moral compass on what is important to the child, and get their learning to a “mastery” level for the subject matters they really love. No Homework. No Tests. No Teachers. No Standardized learning is what this school is all about.

This episode, we talk about caged TIGERS- training tigers and knowing everything about them in a cage is so much different than when in the wild. We like to think the same way about children in an environment that simulates the "cage" with boundaries, limits, and too many rules within a sheltered, contained environment that is traditional school.

What are the pro's and con's? What do you gain? What do you lose?

We are ready to talk all about it with you in Episode #2!

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