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Education Is Life [EP 21] with Adrienne Schroeder - Stop Competing and Start Creating - Using Music

What challenges really come up when we are in this win-lose world filled with competition and grades? What can we be as a society if we get to create who we are and express ourselves fully!?

For Adrienne Shroeder, founder of Mindful Music Impact Beyond the Notes, her journey through a life filled with music, challenges, and emotional development has led her here to the podcast today. She currently serves as a Piano and French Horn educator with virtual lessons while being a leader of social-emotional learning for each of her young students.

Through some of her darkest times, she attributes the “doer” side of music performance to hinder the self-expression of “become who you really are.” This mindset, as she shares, has anchored her down while using music in a new way to find light. We relate that to the way this pandemic has been challenging for students and the solution of finding an outlet, such as music, to propel them forward into the work of becoming their whole selves, even in tough times.

Adrienne, like the rest of our community of people who keep it real, breaks down how to keep moving forward in this pandemic world by simply being empathetic and there for one another. She provides helpful ways for her students to get out feeling “stuck” or “unheard” in a complex world.

BONUS- Listen to Adrienne perform a little something special for our audience at the end after she guides us into a hopeful, happy, and mindful way to be!

The upcoming event, My Pandemic Life, invites students of all ages from all schools and learning communities to unite for a virtual Youth Expo around self-expression. Join us on February 25th for your access to more narratives and performances by people who are rising above through creative self-expression.

If you are interested in joining the movement as a student at our school, please visit For more about Adrienne and her work, check out her website:

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