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Education Is Life [EP 19] Rethinking College, Academia, and the Purpose of Education with Vero Smith

From Teaching College to Guiding at Greenfields, we hope that you find an abundance of insight in this episode of Education Is Life!

Starting with the concept of Time Deserts vs. Education Deserts- have you thought of the difference in how much time people spend having to work just to have access to the bare essentials with the opportunities presented in the current education system? Vero Smith shares insights and ideas around what tools students really need to operate as a school & as a society while comparing today to the way we’ve always done things. She is also a guide at Greenfields Academy & we are so grateful to have her! Vero saw a lot of challenges around access to higher education during her time in a large, public R1 higher educational institution. As an Architectural Historian, she explains how she sees creating spaces within education in both a classroom & a more habitat context.

In this episode, we take a deeper look at the purpose of higher education & earning a bachelor's degree is challenged in certain populations & geographical areas through the population -what Vero shares in some current research she is working on publishing and to give us a fresh perspective of the true value of higher education for some people. If you are interested in joining the movement as a student at our school, please visit

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