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Defying the “Just Deal with It,” Approach to Life with Greenfields Parent, Mitchel Bleier

Should we just “suck it up and deal with it” when life isn’t right or going our way in a job, a marriage, or a bad situation? What about school- is that for kids to just ‘deal with’ if it isn’t working?

Mitchel Bleier Greenfields Academy parent invites parents to listen to children who are sending out the warning signals about school being broken- they are yelling it loud and clear!

In this Episode, we flip things around a bit from tradition when Rob & Mitchel have a discussion about the way school has always been defined as this place you go to, where you don’t seem to challenge, and even if it’s not working, the blame often is put on the child for not being able to manage it well. What if what was broken was the school, not the child?

He shares his story about how coming to this school was more than just a decision of where to send his child for education - but rather, to teach his son about becoming all that he could be for the rest of his life.

We are excited for you to dive-in, maybe even relate a little bit to this story of a family who has found themselves truly listening to the needs of their 10-year-old, and finding a thriving learning-for-life outcome because of it!

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