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A Podcast hosted by Rob Huge - Founder of Greenfields Academy

There has to be a better way -
Let’s Discuss & Rethink Education

We are having honest discussions on the state of education: where it is, where it can be, and all of the stories in between.
Children interacting in a classroom.
  • Each week, the Education Is Life Podcast Show features a guest with a mission to incorporate learning about life as the sole purpose of what education should be.
  • The Education Is Life movement takes the approach of having an open dialogue about the state of education and where it is headed toward in the future.
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  • The show is produced & funded by the Greenfields Academy’s Do Amazing! Fund
  • Join the movement of leaders who are breaking traditional school structures, mindset shifts, and making impactful outcomes for our young people by challenging “the way we’ve always done it” around education.

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Past Show Episodes

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Education Is Life [EP 25] Learning is a non-conventional practice with Greenfields Parent, Chris G

We don’t hear it too often at Greenfields, but kids love to ask: “Why are we doing this?” “When will I need to use this in...

Education Is Life [EP 24] Defying the “Just Deal with It,” Approach to Life with Greenfields Parent, Mitchel Bleier

Should we just “suck it up and deal with it” when life isn’t right or going our way in a job, a marriage, or a bad situation...

Education Is Life [EP 23] Sports for Girls & Lessons Learned for Life

There are many important things in a young person’s world to experience outside of school hours. Activities such as creative...

Specific topics we’re interested in talking about:

  • School at home during a Pandemic
    • How have parents been able to embrace the independence of their children’s interests and learning- what did they observe?
    • What are some benefits from your child being without a classroom, teacher, or tests?
    • How do you think this school at home experience will change education going forward?
  • How has education changed with technology/ society in the last 10 years? How do you think it will change over the next 10 years?
    • How can we speed up the transition from traditional to independent learning in our world?
    • Programs & Technology available - how we are maximizing the newest innovations in education to best setup the future of a new generation
  • Social / Emotional Wellbeing for Students
    • What are the biggest challenges in our world that prevent our children from being ‘happy’?

What else would you like to dive into?

What topics are you passionate about that you’d like to bring up?

Be a Guest on Our Show

The Education Is Life podcast is looking for parents, leaders, educators, and students who would like to talk about the topics of how we could make a change in the way we’ve always done it with conventional education.
Thumbnail of the Education Is Life podcast featuring host Rob Huge.

We will record ​audio and video ​to create our show for our audience members to experience the full effect. Consider preparation with a low-noise atmosphere with a high quality microphone.

Our podcast conversation will take place on a recorded Zoom meeting at our scheduled time. The recording will be available in 7 days or less for you to download and share out with your communities.

As a guest on the show, please come prepared to your scheduled meeting to record with a familiarity of the following questions below:

Some questions we may ask you:

  • Please introduce yourself to our audience of parents, community members, and those interested in making powerful change in education!
  • “Education is LIFE” is the name of our podcast - what does this mean to you?
  • If you were to think back to your own childhood- what do you remember most about learning? Good things? Things you’d change?
  • What is the PURPOSE of K-12 education in your opinion?
  • What do you hope to see in the future for education? What supports this? What prevents this?
  • What next steps can we all take to make a more powerful future for our children as parents, educators, or leaders in today’s world?!
  • If business / influencer: Where can people reach you for more!?
  • How do you see schools like Greenfields addressing these issues?

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