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At Greenfields Academy, our students—or Griffins, as we like to call them—enjoy freedom within an exploratory learning structure that seeks to inspire, not to confine. Our daily schedule is designed to help our learners develop core skills in math, science, reading, writing, and civilizations while giving them the freedom and flexibility to govern their time and learn at their own pace. 

Mornings are reserved for core skills, where they often collaborate and seek assistance from other Griffins and our Guides. Greenfields’ Guides will work with them to figure out what their individual learning needs are. When our learners aren’t working in small groups within writer’s workshops and civilization discussions, they have control over what they work on. Griffins learn to manage their time accordingly, taking brain breaks, using the restroom, or enjoying a snack when they need to, no permission necessary. After playing outside and eating lunch with friends, they focus on studio-wide and individualized projects that focus on real-world challenges, developing the skills and mindset to help them thrive inside and outside of school. There is also time set aside to explore curiosities and dive deeper into their passions. All of this and more takes place within an intentional, all-inclusive learning community our Griffins work together to create where everyone feels welcome.

At Greenfields, our learners have the freedom to manage their own learning path that focuses on their goals, passions, and commitments.





Discovery & Community Times:

There is time throughout each week for Griffins to dive deeper into their passions, explore their curiosities, and be exposed to new ideas and experiences. They have the opportunity to join or start interest-driven clubs, go on adventure trips, and listen to guest speakers talk about their careers, passions, successes, and failures. There are workshops designed to offer students ample opportunities to explore a wide variety of subjects, from cooking a three-course meal and practicing yoga to woodworking and space exploration. If one of our learners wants to dive deeper into something of interest, they can also pursue an independent project of their own design. 

The goal of these explorations is to help young people develop the skills and mindset to thrive inside and outside of the classroom as they grow up and transition into the real world. They will find their strengths and talents and learn how to use them to carve out a path in life. Because here at Greenfields, we believe that education should be about life itself. 


A Learner-Driven Community:

  • Students create and sign a "Student Contract" describing how each individual will act and the consequences of failing to uphold community standards.

  • Mentors encourage younger and older students to listen, set goals, provide support, and hold each other accountable.

  • Learn to Be” badges celebrate character growth and completing leadership challenges.

Our Studios Are Divided into Four Levels

Click on the appropriate level below to learn more

  1. Launchers: Kindergarten and 1st grade

  2. Travelers and Navigators: 2nd through 5th grade

  3. Explorers: 6th through 8th grade (Middle School)


We welcome you to explore and learn more about how this approach works across the different studios.

At Greenfields, there is no limit to your child's learning potential!

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