A Day at Greenfields Academy

A day in our studios consists of large blocks of time for work and play with clear but broad guardrails, equipping young people to manage their time, set goals, and track progress.

Mornings are reserved for Core skills and afternoons are for hands-on projects with integrated time to reflect, think deeply, and connect with peers. Within each work block, students choose from a broad range of work options based on their personal goals, passions and commitments.

Step into a project at Greenfields Academy:

“My children have found a love of learning and excitement for school at Greenfields Academy! They are making great progress academically, but I am even more appreciative of the focus on social-emotional learning that is infused throughout the school's approach.”

Daily Schedule

8:00 Student Arrival & Free Time
8:30 Opening Circle
8:50 Core Time - Reading, Writing, Math
11:15 Break/Outside Time
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Project Time
2:40 Studio Maintenance & Closing Circle

*After school programs are available depending on student interest.

School Calendar

Greenfields Academy's calendar is based on a ten-month model. We believe that students learn best when they have time to rest between school sessions, and when they experience a shorter summer break that allows them maintain their subject interest and academic progress from the previous year.

Our 2020-21 calendar is available here.

Discovery Days

Fridays at Greenfields are Discovery Days, giving students time to explore their curiosities and be exposed to new ideas and experiences. Students enroll in their choice of intensives, which include the fields of art, music, drama, and beyond.

Clubs and committees meet and small groups just might set off on a variety of adventure trips around town. Guest speakers share their passions with our community and plant the seeds of inspiration.

A menu of workshops awaits in the afternoon, for even more exploration on topics ranging from cooking to yoga to poetry and more. Students also have the option to spend their Discovery Days diving deep into an independent project of their own design.

The sky is the limit!


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