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Education Is Life [EP11] with Greenfields Academy Student Michael

When we think about our young people, how much do they really understand about the world around them? What do they learn in...

Education Is Life [EP10] with Greenfield's Guide Pawel

We don’t have teachers at our school- we have guides. Here’s a perspective from Pawel, middle school/explorer program “guide...

Education Is Life [EP09] with Greenfields Alumni Student Amelia

There is a real difference between Greenfields Academy education & any other school, take it not from the adults, but from t...

Education Is Life [EP08] with Guest Dr. Aditi Mehra on FIT Learning

Learning doesn’t always come easy for those who have been put up against multiple-choice or true/false questions. “I’m just ...

Education Is Life [EP07] with Parent Guest Scott Leonard on Homeschooling vs. School at Home

Homeschooling is much different than the Greenfields Academy "school at home" approach. Take it from one of our very own pare...

Education Is Life [EP06] with Guest Guy P. Bell Asking "Who Are You?!"

When looking at who we are and what we are building, what is it the most important question or model we should be following...

Education Is Life [EP05] COVID19 Special

This SPECIAL EDITION Episode - we reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic & some of the lasting effects on our young people.  Our s...

Education Is Life [EP04] K-12 Private Education: Building a Stronger Foundation

If we got our way - to make this new evolved type of learning the normal model of learning for public school systems for all,...

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