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Education Is Life [EP 26] with tutor Lindsay Zoeller

What does academic success mean to the students themselves? When their grades start slipping in a particular subject, what...

Education Is Life [EP 25] Learning is a non-conventional practice with Greenfields Parent, Chris G

We don’t hear it too often at Greenfields, but kids love to ask: “Why are we doing this?” “When will I need to use this in...

Education Is Life [EP 24] Defying the “Just Deal with It,” Approach to Life with Greenfields Parent, Mitchel Bleier

Should we just “suck it up and deal with it” when life isn’t right or going our way in a job, a marriage, or a bad situation...

Education Is Life [EP 23] Sports for Girls & Lessons Learned for Life

There are many important things in a young person’s world to experience outside of school hours. Activities such as creative...

Education Is Life [EP 22] Perspective from our Youngest Griffins Sonia and Shaurya

How many podcasts do you hear from young people about what school and learning is like? Brace yourself for cuteness and stay ...

Education Is Life [EP 21] with Adrienne Schroeder - Stop Competing and Start Creating - Using Music to Heal the World!

What challenges really come up when we are in this win-lose world filled with competition and grades? What can we be as a so...

2020 Press Release: Chicago Children's Business Fair

Kids can do amazing things!  Find out just how amazing at the 2020 Chicago Children's Business Fair which showcases kids’ en...

Education Is Life [EP 20] Empathy-driven Kidpreneurship & Innovative Inventions

How is traditional education squashing the possibilities of solutions & new opportunities for the world to thrive?  From foo...

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