Education Is Life [EP13] with Greenfield’s Guide Becca Penzick on Learning without the Red Tape

How the student feels about the way they learn and the environment in which they learn is crucial to start developing at a young age. 

Having a loose, yet not a lazy approach to guiding from the teacher-figures in school creates learning that encourages children to feel more comfortable to explore who they are & what they are interested in. 

In this Episode, Greenfields Academy guide, Becca Penzick, has a vast background in psychology, early education & helping young people grow & develop their sought-after skill sets since she was age 13.

In all of her years guiding & leading, Becca realized that the children who were most engaged were ones that she didn’t have to be so strict with. 

Most of the traditional school “red tape” of grades, rules, worksheets, and larger class sizes limits the exposure of so many powerful things that a young student can experience. 

As a Guide, our school tries to make the student’s day to day as amazing as it can be so that the student truly knows their place, learning quickly and safely, and fulfill their entire childhood & school years with experiences that enrich their learning. 

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