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Education Is Life [EP10] with Greenfield's Guide Pawel

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We don’t have teachers at our school- we have guides. Here’s a perspective from Pawel, middle school/explorer program “guide” at Greenfields Academy. 

The journey of finding your passion is one of the most transformative & exciting realizations to experience. This is what we discuss in this week’s episode of Education Is Life with Greenfields Academy Guide, Pawel K

With a background as a guide at a completely different program, BitSpace, Pawel explains how children can defy even their own parent's beliefs when diving into a project that interests them. If they know how to do something- they are absolutely willing and able to do it! 

As a Greenfields Academy guide, Pawel also touches on the social-emotional component to learning & how making great leaders who work on their friendships in parallel to excelling in their projects gives him lots of hope for the leaders of our future.

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