Education Is Life [EP09] with Greenfields Alumni Student Amelia

There is a real difference between Greenfields Academy education & any other school, take it not from the adults, but from the perspectives of the students themselves! 

One of our founding Griffins, Amelia, shares with us what her experience was like as a student of 5 years at Chicago private school, Greenfields Academy. Her journey but now a high school student at a selective enrollment high school in Chicago that is “conventional,” Amelia notices some pretty amazing things her years at Greenfields Academy has done to prepare her for high school, and for life. 

In this episode of Education Is Life, Amelia’s student perspective shines a light on what it is like to attend a project-based learning educational learning environment, how popularity contents seem to be more prevalent in a school that doesn’t embed independence in every action of the school, and what benefits both schools provide to prepare our young people for the rest of their future!  

With school at home as our current landscape, Amelia also outlines some of the differences between what her high school did to handle the situation in contrast to others in her household who are students at Greenfields.

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