Education Is Life [EP08] with Guest Dr. Aditi Mehra on FIT Learning

Learning doesn’t always come easy for those who have been put up against multiple-choice or true/false questions. “I’m just rubbish,” was the self-talk of Dr. Aditi Mehra before she learned outside of the bounds of linear answers, pass/fail scores & standardized tests throughout her own learning experience. 

As a life-long learner, Dr. Aditi realized that it wasn’t just her- it was the way she was learning that held her back from excelling. She noticed the same for her son, Tristian, who was able to completely transform his career in school when adopting a new type of learning. 

In this episode, we will hear the journey of Dr. Aditi on her quest to discover the FIT Learning model as an after-school program that allows children to stimulate their academic success with learning that has evolved into a different way of doing things.

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