Education Is Life [EP 23] Sports for Girls & Lessons Learned for Life

There are many important things in a young person’s world to experience outside of school hours. Activities such as creative arts, sciences, and.. SPORTS have proven to support them into becoming stronger leaders, confident advocates of their own personal missions, and growth-focused individuals who strive to reach their full potential. 

Barb Lazarus, Founder & Co-Owner of Game On! Sports 4 Girls relates the learning and confidence-boosting activity- as simple as it sounds- of throwing a ball to enhance a greater picture of life for girls. With their program celebrating 15 years in existence, she is proud to share with us on the show how the game can be crucial to what is learned in “real life.” 

With the impact being in the backyard of Barb’s organization, her message to all women and girls is to feel empowered to get in the game, have fun, and celebrate each milestone- no matter how small they may seem in life. 

In this episode of Education is Life, explore a new territory of challenging the way things have always been, including the history & cultural norm of only “boy’s” sports teams being the household names, to allow a new avenue of sports of girls to project new outcomes for hundreds of local girls developing their athletic skills and abilities with Game On! Sports 4 Girls. 

Along the lines of creating something unique for your outside-of-school activities, check out the My Pandemic Life Creative Expo coming up on March 18th - 21st for another great way to see how education in young people is more than academics. It is important to emphasize social & emotional learning, along with athletic and physical development to make a greater impact on each of our lives!

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