Education Is Life [EP 22] Perspective from our Youngest Griffins Sonia and Shaurya

How many podcasts do you hear from young people about what school and learning is like? Brace yourself for cuteness and stay curious about how these young people are taking charge of their education, their learning, and life through a pandemic. 

“Is it a big change or a change like the size of a … pea!?” 
They giggle, we giggle, and this is a little how this episode goes with a lot of first-hand insight. Hear from 6 and 7-year-olds, Sonya and Shaurya, who share what it’s like to be in the launcher program at Greenfields Academy.

Together in one episode, see how Griffins are guided with their non-teacher leaders in their classrooms, how they interact with one another (right here in this episode!), and all of the great things they are working on from science to running a business (yes, kids making actual money!), and looking forward to our upcoming event: “My Pandemic Life” Creative Youth Exhibition to take place on February 25th - 28th, 2021. 

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