Education Is Life [EP 20] Empathy-driven Kidpreneurship & Innovative Inventions

How is traditional education squashing the possibilities of solutions & new opportunities for the world to thrive? 

From food deserts to cancer patients receiving chemotherapy- young children are capable of coming up with solutions to some of life’s biggest challenges that even adults can’t quite get just right.

Program Manager of the Chicago Student Invention Convention (CSIC), and Greenfields Academy’s Chicago Children’s Business Fair Judge, Allison James, shares her experience with the experiential invention education program that ignites the spark of innovation and entrepreneurship in Illinois youth. 

In this episode, Rob & Allison uncover some of the ways that students of the CSIC program & the annual Chicago Children’s Business Fair who are taking advantage of the opportunity to think of new ideas without needing to have any regard for “getting the answer wrong” in school- and instead, use their real-world experience to create something brand new! 

With the insertion of creativity in learning, there is absolutely no end for a student to come up with innovative ideas that one day might just change the world! 

The Chicago Children’s Business Fair is now accepting Student Vendors until November 2nd, and our fair will run virtually across the weekend of November 13th, 14th, 15th- get your FREE ticket today!

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