Education Is Life [EP 18] Insider’s Tips to Succeed as a Vendor at the Chicago Children’s Business Fair

With years of experience, young entrepreneurs start businesses from as early as the age of 7 at the Chicago Children’s Business Fair, hosted by Greenfields Academy. 

Founding student, Aviva, has participated as a business owner for the last 6 years and has a treasure trove of knowledge for any first-time students looking to become a kidpreneur this year at the fair. 

With the unique circumstances of COVID19 allowing the fair to be a Cyber event, here are some interesting tips & ideas from experienced vendors, sellers, and entrepreneurs of the Chicago Children’s Business Fair! 

In this episode, see how entrepreneurship & life-skills that are learned when it comes to running a business are experienced at such a young age for Chicago Children’s Business Fair student vendors. Also, how Greenfields Academy plans to transition the event from an in-person fair to an online marketplace extravaganza! 

For more information about the Chicago Children’s Business Fair:
And mentioned in the episode was the Caine’s Arcade story:

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