Education Is Life [EP 17] This Micro-School is Keep up with a Changing World

With an education system that truly guides children into exploring their full potential to change the world, what could that mean for our society? 

At the start of this journey, founder Rob Huge had visioned a school that honored the amazing things that a young person has to offer and worked hard to incorporate a style that incorporated guiding instead of teaching. We explore this in more depth in this episode. 

Although students may not be learning alongside a standardized curriculum that focuses on worksheets, homework, and memorization of facts & processes, we do believe that this type of learning really sets up our young people to discover their own hero's journey! 

In this episode, Rob Huge shares in-depth what the purpose of education looks like for his school, why he has put his money where his mouth is, and why this podcast is a space to talk about different perspectives on his favorite topic! 

Will you be joining the movement of Education is Life? 

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