Education Is Life [EP 16] The College Admissions Process & Student Self-Worth from a Counselor’s Perspective - is it worth it?

How are we approaching the fierce and competitive nature of college admissions and how does it impact the self-worth of students? 

Student-centered college counseling takes the allure of big-name schools and questions, “Is this right for my child,” as the focus of the conversation and replaces the old way of thinking of  “how can my child do everything possible to get into that school one day.” 

Looking at Generation Z, a more pragmatic demographic set of students than Millenials, how are they valuing the ticket cost of $75,000+ per year for an in-state college education and what does that really look like for them? 

Author of “Go Your Own Way,” and College Counselor of her own consultancy, Alex Ellison shares what she is seeing with the high school students she works with and how they are approaching the college admissions process today. 

In this episode of the Education Is Life podcast, Alex gives a different perspective to the group of parents and students as young as 17 years old who truly believe life begins after high school, and the enjoyment of life could really look like it starts after retirement- we aren’t joking! 

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