2020 Press Release: Chicago Children's Business Fair

Kids can do amazing things! 
Find out just how amazing at the 2020 Chicago Children's Business Fair which showcases kids’ entrepreneurial genius!

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CHICAGO - November 14, 2020 – The 7th Annual Chicago Children’s Business Fair is underway and is a beacon of joy during these crazy times!  RIGHT NOW, 60+ Chicagoland kidpreneurs aged 5-15 are selling their products at this online event which started on Friday, November 13th and continues through Sunday, November 15th at 6 pm.  Sales at these kid-owned businesses have already exceeded $9,500 with over 500 shoppers to date!  Everyone is encouraged to come support these young entrepreneurs and “Shop Small” at the fair!  This amazing event is free, open to the public, very family-friendly and is taking place online this year, due to Covid, at: https://hopin.com/events/the-chicago-childrens-business-fair 

After hosting in-person fairs that drew growing numbers of kid vendors every year for the past six years , Rob Huge, Head of School at Greenfields Academy and the founder of the Chicago Children’s Business Fair, couldn’t just cancel this year. He said, “This is a time to show the young people of Chicago that there is a way to thrive, not just survive, during this pandemic.” And the young people of Chicago have risen to the occasion!  

To be a vendor in the fair, kids had to create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, submit their business plan, create a commercial, and then interact with customers live at their booth in the online fair. The children are responsible for their own product creation and sales and, best of all, keep all of the profits they earn...after paying back their parents for any loans on materials or labor provided. Many are even donating a portion to charity! At the end of the Fair (5 pm Sun) there will be cash awards handed out in each age group - best presentation, greatest potential, and most original business idea - with local business owners serving as judges and mentors for the contest.

There are lots of amazing and unique things for sale at the 2020 Chicago Children’s Business Fair such as tie-dyed face masks, DIY STEM kits, personalized ornaments, online juggling lessons and so much more!   “The business fair helps young children learn the real life skills of running a business”  says Bella, a  10-year old student at Greenfields Academy.  She is the proud co-owner of “Siren Soaps” and is selling homemade floral scented soaps with her business partner, 11-year old Holden, at this year’s fair.   

The benefits of practicing entrepreneurship are many: children build confidence, develop their communication skills, and use creativity.  They also see that it’s possible to take what they love and leverage it into a business that can support themselves and serve others.  The Chicago Children’s Business Fair is part of a national movement to introduce children to entrepreneurship, with hundreds of fairs held around the world over the past 12 years.  

This year’s online fair also features live interviews with young business owners such as 13- year old Jett Reese, founder of Jettees, who became unsettled by the injustice and violence black people are facing and is raising awareness through wearable art and 17-year old Ephraim Zimmerman who created a COVID screening app for schools. There’s also live entertainment throughout the weekend, including concerts from School of Rock and Animal Farm as well a kids’ yoga jam with Kerfuffle and a performance from LYRIQ Music School.

The Chicago area fair is organized by Greenfields Academy, a K-12 progressive private school with a project-based approach to learning, located on the north side of the city.  “Part of what makes Greenfields so unique is our culture and commitment to creating real-life opportunities for our students to do amazing things,” said Rob Huge, Head of School at Greenfields Academy.  “This business fair is a great example of giving young people a clear challenge, real-world tools and a supportive environment so we can all see what they are really capable of doing.”  

More information can be found here:
Chicago Children’s Business Fair (Event Site): https://hopin.com/events/the-chicago-childrens-business-fair  
Greenfields Academy (Local Host Organization): https://www.greenfieldsacademy.com/  
Children’s Business Fair (International Site): https://www.childrensbusinessfair.org/ 

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