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What do we mean by a “Hero’s Journey”?

At Greenfields Academy, The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor we use for the purposeful lives we are leading. It is the reason we are all at Greenfields Academy and is central to our curriculum and our philosophy.

Detective Science: A Case for Project-Based Learning

Something was not right at Greenfields Academy. A strange thing happened in the school basement where the Griffins found evidence of a crime scene and a note from their good friend, Zach, who had gone missing. The Griffins put on their best thinking caps to begin a detective science adventure project. The key to finding Zach was to answer the driving question: How can science help you find the truth?

Passport to Discovery

A playful, curious energy infuses our Griffins on Fridays because Friday = Discovery Day! On Discovery Days, our students are dedicated to exploring their interests, pursuing their passions or perhaps making one last push to finish their weekly goals.

How to Hire Heroes

One of the greatest challenges in launching Greenfields Academy was finding the right staff to help lead our education revolution. Over the past couple of years, I’ve found that hiring the perfect hero to guide our students is more of an art than a science…

A Tale of Two Conferences, Texas Edition

Every March I head to Austin, Texas for two important events in education – Acton Academy’s annual meeting for owners and affiliates, and the South by Southwest Education conference (SXSWedu.) Connecting with like-minded education innovators fuels my passion and gives us best practices to implement for our guides, Griffins and their families. Over the course […]