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Embracing an Agile Mindset

Using an agile mindset as a framework has helped me adapt and understand my son’s learning environment this year.

Learning How to Learn

College was the first time in my education I was expected to really think.  Until that point, school was about learning what I was taught long enough to repeat it back on a test.

To school or not to school?  

In the past decade, there has been a nationwide surge in parents choosing to homeschool, unschool, or choose a non-traditional school without a fixed curriculum or grades. But why?

A Letter for the Last Day of School

As we end this year together I wanted to tell you one truth I have learned as I’ve watched you over these days, weeks and months. It is this: Each of you is a hero and you will find a calling and change the world.

NOT Your Neighbor’s Lemonade Stand

At Greenfields Academy, our annual entrepreneurship project allows students to learn the ins and outs of running a business and feel the joy of making actual sales at the Children’s Business Fair.

The Future Of Education

Lots of people with lots of money are working really hard to tweak an 100+ year old legacy educational system to get students ready for the needs of today. However it’s just not going to work. There is no room for agility, let alone innovation in the traditional school system.

An Open Letter from a Student

Today we feature a guest blogger, 10-year old Will, who wants to share the details of his Greenfields experience with other Chicago students… Dear Future Hero, Many children in Chicago spend 7 hours of their day being stressed, not having any choice, and are exhausted with being bored. Then when they get home they have […]

No Problem! (how to raise an expert problem-solver)

Want to help your child become an expert problem-solver? Here are some strategies used at Greenfields Academy and The Wishcraft Workshop you can try at home.

What do we mean by a “Hero’s Journey”?

At Greenfields Academy, The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor we use for the purposeful lives we are leading. It is the reason we are all at Greenfields Academy and is central to our curriculum and our philosophy.

Detective Science: A Case for Project-Based Learning

Something was not right at Greenfields Academy. A strange thing happened in the school basement where the Griffins found evidence of a crime scene and a note from their good friend, Zach, who had gone missing. The Griffins put on their best thinking caps to begin a detective science adventure project. The key to finding Zach was to answer the driving question: How can science help you find the truth?