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Start your child's Hero's Journey today...

Greenfields Academy is welcoming learners ages 5 through 17 (grades K-12) to take control of their learning and start their greatest adventure today.

Our admissions process is designed to help your family explore how we've reinvented learning and see if it's the right fit for you. The first step is to peruse the website. Then take a tour or attend an information session. Once you're ready to experience Greenfields, fill out an application and sign up for a shadow day. If all systems are a go, the journey will begin.

Black and white photo of student with headphones and a laptop looking at the camera with striped tee

Who is Greenfields Academy for:

  • People who believe the traditional school system no longer works to help children prepare for the modern world

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Creators and creatives

  • Out-of-the-box thinkers

  • People who want the benefits of child-directed learning without having to make a full-time commitment to homeschooling

  • Families who need flexible schedules for elite sports, arts or other activities with intense time requirements

  • People who need flexible attendance for travel and family obligations (We operate on a 10-month calendar with 7 sessions and 1-2 week breaks in between sessions)

  • Children who want additional time to pursue their passions beyond traditional after-school hours

  • People who want to maximize their family time

  • Trailblazers and trendsetters

  • Families who value their freedom and want their children to develop a love of learning

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