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Greenfields Academy was featured in a November 2017 radio story by our local National Public Radio station, WBEZ, about microschools in the Chicago area. Read or listen here to their story about this growing trend.

Greenfields, which opened in 2014, prides itself on its unique approach to education — it was set up to offer just that. And it’s not the only one. Greenfields is one of a small number of so-called micro- schools popping up in the Chicago area and around the country to give parents an alternative to traditional public and private schools. These private micro-schools were started by educators and parents looking to create curriculum on their own terms in a small and intimate learning environment. Often, students play a part in what and how they learn, with a focus on readying kids for the modern world.


Greenfields Academy also received press in June 2015 when we announced our school’s move to Avondale. Read the article here.

Greenfields Academy’s inaugural year was covered by multiple media outlets in Chicago. It all began when DNA Info Chicago interviewed Founder and Head of School, Rob Huge, in March, 2014, where he discussed his unique vision for Greenfields:

Rob Huge is taking the concept of a green field — a project built from scratch, with no restraints or need to consider prior work or established norms — and applying it to education….”Learning is messy,” he said. “I want to create a safe place for failures.”

Unlike most parents frustrated with the current state of education, Huge has the experience needed to build a school from the ground up.

Read our first press story here.

CBS News visited our learning studio in February 2015 to create a story about how unconventional the Greenfields Academy approach is:

CBS says, “If it sounds like they took the traditional public school of the past 100 years and blew it up, that’s the idea.”

Greenfields was also lauded as a new and unconventional private school in Crain’s Business in August, 2014. Read the full article here.

Coverage of Our Mentor School, Acton Academy, and their growing network

Greenfields Academy’s educational model is inspired by the pioneering work of Acton Academy. You can read coverage of their school at Forbes Magazine, the blog for KQUED in San Francisco, Edsurge and National Public Radio.

A great story about the expansion of the Acton Academy learner-driven model to other schools across the globe, like ours, can be found in the Huffington Post.

Greenfields Academy Press Information

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