What do we mean by a “Hero’s Journey”?

What do we mean by a “Hero’s Journey”?

What trials unite not only Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins, but many of literature’s most interesting heroes? What do they have in common with the heroes of history, myth, and legend? What do they have in common with you?

The Hero’s journey is the story of a hero or heroine, who upon embarking on an adventure, finds him/herself in a decisive crisis. In a moment of darkness, the hero stands up with courage, and ultimately wins a victory. The hero then returns home.

The beauty of the hero’s journey, however, is not the victory or the prize. It’s not finding the holy grail, defeating Voldemort, or finding the ring. Rather, the beauty is in how the hero transformed along the way. It is who this journey has made them.

Here’s a great explanation of the Hero’s Journey:

At Greenfields Academy, The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor we use for the purposeful lives we are leading. It is the reason we are all at Greenfields Academy and is central to our curriculum and our philosophy. The basic question that we ask ourselves is:

How can I use my talents in a way that brings me joy and serves others?

Being on a Hero’s Journey means allowing this question to guide you and actively seeking the answer. We talk about our own Hero’s Journeys often. We also look at other peoples’ and characters’ lives in this framework, using biographies, literature, and newspaper articles for inspiration.